Lawn Care Treatments...

Spring Lawn Care Treatment - March/April

Specially developed high nitrogen granular lawn feed fertiliser is applied to encourage the sward density and colour. The lawn will be sprayed for weeds or more likely at this time moss which is a recurring problem in most British lawns.

Summer Lawn Care Treatment 1 - May/June

Application of our no-scorch technology fertiliser, containing slow release granules to help nourish the lawn and to encourage a thick sward. We will apply a weed treatment to kill off any daises, dandelions and other broad leaf weeds.

Summer Lawn Care Treatment 2 - July/September

A further application of our special analysis fertiliser that is suitable for all weather conditions, it does not need watering in and will help to maintain the green strength in the lawn even through a hot dry period which is typical at this time of year. We will once again apply a herbicide treatment to deal with any further weed invasion.

Autumn Lawn Care Treatment - September/November

This treatment is designed to maintain the colour and strength in the grass throughout the winter. The fertiliser applied contains the correct balance of nutrients to ensure that the plant is healthy from the roots right up to the tip. A moss treatment this time is applied to kill any moss present and being a problem throughout the winter.