Additional Lawn Care Services

Lawn Scarification and Lawn Aeration

Professional Lawn Treatments

Lawn Scarification:

A lawn scarification treatment is a specific method of mechanically removing thatch that builds up naturally over a period of time, the thatch sits underneath the grass and above the soil, it can cause a spongy feel underneath and in some cases a very mossy lawn.

The scarification removes the dead organic material allowing your lawn to be able to uptake treatments, nutrients, water and oxygen freely thus allowing the grass to breathe. The Scarifaction treatment allows the base  for the creation of a thick green lawn.

Scarification is carried out in the Spring and Autumn when your lawn is actively growing, a light scarification will be done in March/April and Heavy scarification will be done late August up to the end of October.  Within your lawn analysis we look at the best option for your lawn.

After scarification we gather the thatch via a leaf blower or rake and dispose of the waste in your garden bin or bag it up for you.

We then mow your lawn, apply fertiliser and moss treatment. It is always good practice to apply a moss treatment after scarification as now we have thinned out the moss this will allow the treatment to penetrate deeper. In some cases an application of seed and top dressing is needed to aid the recovery process… this will be determined on the lawn analysis you received on T3.

Scarification is done once per season.

In brief:

  • 2 – 4 passes with our professional scarifier
  • Leaf blow/rake up thatch bin and bag as needed.
  • Mow lawn
  • Application of our fertiliser and moss treatment
  • Seed and top dressing where needed.

Lawn Aeration:

Lawn aeration is a method of creating thousands of holes into the lawn surface removing soil cores.  Aeration reduces soil compaction, encourages new stronger root growth, removes sub surface thatch and improves drainage.

Aeration is one of the most beneficial mechanical processes a lawn can receive

Lawn aeration can be carried out all year apart from the summer months.

We collect cores from the lawn after aeration, putting on your compost heap or returned to your beds.

In most cases Aeration with be carried out in conjunction with Scarification.

In brief:

  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Reduces sub surface thatch
  • Allows lawn to receive air, moisture and nutrients
  • Stronger root growth
  • Improves drainage
Lawn Care Services
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