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Lawn Care Dealing With Moss

Dealing with Moss...

Moss is a very common problem in British lawns, it is a moisture loving plant and can quickly take over a lawn, once formed it can smother the grass.

Please see below some factors of what can cause moss in lawns:

  • Shaded areas which can be caused by over hanging trees and Shrubs.
  • Poor drainage.
  • Lawn being cut too short, D.S.M will advise on cutting height, also leaving grass too long can cause moss problems.
  • Lack of nutrients.
  • Leaves from the Autumn left on the lawn.
  • Excessive thatch, lawn scarification will be needed to remove this.
  • Compacted soil due years of use, Hollow-Tine Aeration will be needed to address this problem.
Lawn Care Dealing With Moss

Dealing with Weeds...

Weeds have seasons just like other plants. Even the very best lawns are susceptible to weeds. Weed control is a process which is ongoing and it may take more than one application to eradicate some weed types. Weed seeds can be blown onto your lawn by the wind, carried over from clothes or footwear.

What Do I Do Next..?

Here at D.S.M Lawn Care Limited we are more than happy to help you with your lawn problems and if you require a free lawn analysis and quotation please call the office or use the contact page and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions...

Q: Is there a contract to sign?
A: No there is no contract to sign, for your peace of mind. Here at D.S.M Lawn Care Limited it is a pay as you go system.

Q: Are your products safe for the environment?
A: Yes, all products we use are used under strict guide lines.

Q: Can I start the treatment process at any time in the year?
A: Yes, there is never a wrong time to start getting that rich green lawn you have been looking for.

Q: When will I see a difference in my lawn?
A: You will see within 2 weeks of the treatment a considerable difference in your lawn.

Q: Do I have to water the lawn after my treatment?
A: No, however we do advise on dry spells, give the lawn a good watering on the evening.