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Case 1

Welcome to our lawn care portfolio, this page will show you pictures of lawns before and after having our treatment processes and also some other lawns that we also have in our portfolio.

We started treating this customer’s lawn below back in May 2011, with the customer following our ongoing treatment programme, the results speak for themselves. As you can see a massive difference in colour, strength and overall appearance. Our customer also wrote us a testimonial, please see here Testimonials, and scroll down to testimonial “Turlock in West Bromwich – West Midlands”.

Case 1 Before Case 1 After

Case 2

Treatments started on this customers lawn in March 2011, as you can see on the before picture the lawn looked brown, this was caused to being very stressed out from the harsh winter we had in late 2010 and early 2011. Nutrients and our high quality treatments were applied and as you can see on the after picture, the lawn looks greener and vibrant. It still has some way to go and is due a Scarification and Hollow – Tine Aeration later on in the year. Please see our Testimonials Page and go to Dave G in Kingswinford – West Midlands.

Case 2 Before Case 2 After

Other Lawns Treated By Us...

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